Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Washington DC

Third Annual PV 24-Hour “Live with Passion” Relay Run

The Third Annual PV 24-Hour Live with Passion Relay Run took place on April 24-25th. The venue this year was again the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal * in the Washington, DC area. Participating this year were Tom Arnold, Matthew Dean, John Dean, Pete Johnson, Katie Rogus and Theresa Smith. Katie was new to the team this year but the others are veterans of at least one other LWP run. Jeanne Dean, Rose Hudecheck and Marianne Moore, as they have for the past two LWP events, provided the picnic lunch after all runners completed the course.

As we did last year, we began in Hancock, Md., where the first runner left about  noon on Saturday, April 24th and the last runner pulled into Fletcher’s Cove, Washington, DC, around noon on Sunday, April 25th. A total of about 125 miles was covered by foot over a 24 hour period.

The weather this year was cool, and with rain during the night hours, and yet again we finished without any major setbacks or injuries along the way. During the day, runners enjoyed miles the quiet and beauty along both sides of the Canal. Night time runners were treated to the glaring eyes of critters reflecting the flashlights carried by the runner or the biker. We stopped at one transition point, and we were able to sleep for a couple of hours until the group was visited by three local coyotes. The howling from the coyotes woke most of the group although two teams members slept right through the ruckus!

The beauty of the Canal and sights and sound of the night, coupled with the camaraderie 
enjoyed by the participants added to our ability to support the PV cause.

Once the trip was completed, Rose, Marianne and Jeanne provided a picnic lunch that was sincerely appreciated by all, including about 10 other PV supporters who joined us at the picnic. The weather cooperated so we were able to relax and enjoy the food before heading home to a hot shower and a soft bed

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