Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live With Passion Site Information

The following is a list of Live With Passion events taking place throughout the country.  Please consider taking part in one of the events or supporting an event.  You can use the "donate now" button and specify which event you would like to support.  Please keep everyone participating in your thoughts and prayers as the day draws closer.

Washington DC - For the third year in a row, a courageous and dedicated group, will bike and run the 125 miles along the C&O Canal in 24 hours.  The day will end with a picnic, prepared by wonderful supporters, to celebrate the days accomplishments.  Contact John at jjdean@bfsfcu.org or Theresa at tjsmith611@yahoo.com

Denver, CO - Folks will gather in Denver to walk around Sloan's Lake in support of the PVs.  Contact John, jawiley1118@aol.com, for more information.

Cincinnati, OH - For the third year in a row, folks in Cincinnati will gather together to support the PVs.  The group will be walking at Winton Woods.  All are welcome to join in!  Contact Jenny for more information. jennywiley18@hotmail.com

Seattle, WA - Also for the third year, people will be gathering at Green Lake in Seattle for a walk around the lake, in support of the PVs.  Contact Michele for more information.  johnandmichelefreitas@yahoo.com

Westfield, NJ - A first time event in Westfield, NJ will gather PVs and friends of PV's for a 4 mile walk in support of the PVs.  For more information contact Mary Eileen at mareteach@comcast.net

Tiverton, RI - A Paddling with Passion event will take place in Rhode Island, as a small group will paddle their canoe down the Sakonnet River in support of the PVs.  For more information contact Elisabeth at elisabethallen@yahoo.com

DeKalk, IL - A Bake with Passion event will take place in DeKalk in support of the PV's.  Any donation of baked goods would be appreciated!  Contact Amy for more information, oodeaa@gmail.com

Reading, PA - For the third year, a group of PVs and their friends and families will gather to walk in support of the PV Program.  For more information please contact Patty at patatk@hgaparish.com

Brooklyn, NY - The event, in one of our service sites, is planned to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan.  For more information please contact Tricia, tricia.pakonis@gmail.com

Atchison, KS - The Schletzbaum family will lead a walk around their farm in support of the PV's.  Please contact Dan and Lucy at danandlucyfarm@hotmail.com

Gainesville, FL - The Gainesville PV's will be hosting a potluck dinner in support of the PV's  Please contact Alicia at dcnurse2@yahoo.com for more information.

Wyoming County, WV - Another event in one of our service areas, a group of PVs and supporters will hike in the mountains.  The group will be joined by the Vint family and will visit the grave of their father/husband, Kenny.  You can contact Bruce at bachmeb@hotmail.com for more information.

Bronx, NY - This event will be a combo pancake breakfast and book sale at the Corner Scone.  For more information or if you are interested or would like more information, please contact Joanne at haggis2@optonline.net

East Brunswick, NJ - This event in support of the PVs will walk with Passion in the neighborhood of the former headquarters of the PVs.  Please contact Katie for more information, john.katie@comcast.net

West Chester, PA - If you are in the West Chester area, from now until the end of May, you can receive a haircut/dye/style and support the PVs at the same time.  Please contact Eileen for more information and to set an appointment. ET651141@wcupa.edu

Jamaica, West Indies - PV and PVI alum, Bruce, is down visiting folks in Jamaica and will be walking in solidarity with the other Live With Passion events.  It is a wonderful way to bring together the Passionist Volunteers International and the PVs!   Contact Bruce for more info, bachmeb@hotmail.com

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