Monday, May 11, 2015

Seattle LWP Potluck A Huge Success!

Last Friday about 30 friends and supporters of the PVs gathered in Edmonds for a potluck dinner to support the PVs. This is the third year that we have done the potluck (the 5 previous years we had done walks) and each year it grows and is better and better. The weather was good, great food was brought and shared, wonderful conversation was had, pickleball was played and over $1,100 was raised for the PVs. Thank you to all who came and supported!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 Live with Passion is Here


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What exactly is the Live With Passion, you ask? – Not only is the Live With Passion is our largest fundraising effort of the year, but an event to share your experiences as a PV and connect with your fellow PVs outside your volunteer week(s). It is a worldwide weekend of activities large and small, to support the work of the PV Volunteers and spread the word about who the PVs are and what we do. About 10% of our budget is covered by the funds raised by volunteers through the LWP and 100% of the money raised goes directly to the  PV Volunteers and its programs. Over the last couple of years the amounts raised via the LWP as been down which has also coincided with the program’s overall financial struggles. To turn this trend around, we are striving for 100% participation

Can you help us get sponsors? – This year we will have tote bags available to give your supporters. We thought these would be useful for people, perhaps to take the grocery store. You never know what conversation a PV tote bag might instigate.

We still need to have sponsors, but with less printable space, we will just be printing the names and not the logos of each sponsor. We are asking for all sponsor names and monies (starting at the very low cost of $50) to be in by April 4th. These sponsors help underwrite all the costs associated with the LWP (bags, mailings, materials), so all funds raised go 100% to the programs of the PVs. See attached LWP Sponsor sheet for more information. Besides the sponsors name on the tote bag, we mention their support on the “Live with Passion” blog and PV website.

When is it? – . The official Live with Passion Weekend is May 2-3, 2015. We are going back to targeting one weekend as the “Live with Passion” weekend, so we can really build on the idea that we are one community working together to support and spread the word of the volunteers. If this weekend doesn’t work for you, feel free to plan it when it will. As you know we are always flexible, we just would love your participation.

What can I do? – Be creative, pretty much anything can be turned into a fundraiser. Examples of past events:  wine tasting, bingo, raffles, potlucks, garage sales, bike rides, runs, walks, haircuts, hikes, music concerts, planting, soup suppers, dress down days at school, etc. The LWP is a great chance to gather your friends and family together and help support the PVs.

Where can I follow all the action? – Please let us know about your event, so we can include it on our LWP Blog ( ) and website. Gathering all the information about the different events in one place not only shows the reach and diversity of the PVs, but also helps to legitimize the effort to our sponsors. Seeing people all over the country out in their own communities helping to raise awareness about the PVs in pictures and words is a  moving experience. The blog is also a great place to check out past events and get an idea of the rich history of the LWP. If you need any assistance in creating flyers or other marketing information, let us know we would be happy to help.

Do you need more information? – Attached is the sponsor information sheet, as well as a Live with Passion information sheet. If you have ANY questions about the LWP, please do not hesitate to ask.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plant with Passion

The month of May was "Plant with Passion" month in Atchison, KS. Friends and neighbors were invited to take part in a raffle with the prizes being bags of soybeans or cash equivalent, donated by Scott Chartier at NK Seed. The raffle raised a whopping $2,400 for the PVs!!! The first place prize winner was David Miller and the second place winner was David Schletzbaum. Thank you to Dan and Lucy for organizing the wonderful event!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Booksale to Benefit PV Volunteers This Saturday in the Bronx

We're selling books outside the deli opposite P.S. 19 on Katonah Avenue/ E. 237th Street on Saturday,  May 31. Our table will be part of the Woodlawn Sidewalk Fair, so hopefully a lot of people will be there.

If you have books you could donate that morning, please stop by our table. And of course come by to say hello and buy lots of books!

Tell friends, please!

(If you can't make it but would like to donate a few bucks, we'd appreciate that too --

Thanks, everyone - hope to see you on Saturday!

Joanne and Paul

Another Successful LWP Event

This past weekend, there was a garage in Gainesville, FL with all proceeds going to help support the PV Volunteers.  A recap of the event from the organizers .... Lots of stuff! Less than usual garage sale shoppers (holiday weekend oops!) but yet we had neighbors, fellow church goers, friends and yes, more than a few random shoppers. We also had coffee and breakfast sweets! Our donation jar and cash box netted a whopping $408.64! Thank you to all those involved! We appreciate the donations of your items, time and money but above all these we appreciate you for your generosity and abundant love and for supporting the PV Volunteers!

Thank you to the Gutierrez-Mahn-Gavidia Clan!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gainesville, FL Garage Sale in Support of the PVs

A group of PV Volunteers from Gainesville, FL will be hosting a "Live with Passion" Garage Sale
on Saturday May 24th

If you are in the area, they ask that you please come down to have a cup of coffee & chat, check out our junk and/or make a donation. You are invited to donate items to our garage sale! Bring your donations anytime this week to 3718 NW 68th Place. You may leave them by the front door or call to make arrangements. If you have any questions please email Lisa at

100% of the monies raised will be given to the PV Program
Left over garage sale items will be donated to Hospice

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Jersey LWP Fundraisers a Smashing Success

There was a two night fundraiser held on May 2nd and 3rd in North Jersey to benefit the PV Volunteers.  Two volunteer families each hosted a night at their house. There was wine tasting and silent auction, as well as hour devours and desserts. As an added bonus, local youth provided live music during the event creating a wonderful atmosphere. In addition, on Saturday night some of the local PV Volunteers were able to make it.  On both nights, there were boutonni√®res for all the volunteers so that they would stand out and could answer any questions someone might have about the PVs. Another great thing about the boutonnieres was that people could see that even the kids are just as important as the adults.  The group shot says it all.  A great time was had by all and between the two events over $3,000 was raised for the PVs. 
Thank you Melao and Fay/Bernstein families for organizing!!!