Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Seattle Live with Passion Potluck

After a gorgeous week in Seattle, unfortunately the weather changed a bit just in time for the LWP Potluck. There were intermittent  showers and much cooler temperatures for the event, but being true north-westerners everybody still hung-out outside and pretended that the weather was fine. The evening included great food, pickleball, basketball, soccer and most importantly great conversations. For the second year, the Seattle LWP Potluck coincided with the end of the Seattle PV week so the volunteers and potluck goers had a lot to talk about. Besides the traveling PVs, there were five locals who joined in the service activities during the week and they were all in attendance at the potluck. All in all a wonderful evening was had by all, and monies were raised for the PVs.

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