Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Cool to Be Part of the "Live With Passion"

It is time for the official kick-off of the 7th Annual Live with Passion!

The LWP has always been a successful fundraiser for the PVs and this year we have our goal set high. This specific event can help determine the longevity of the PVs, so it is up to you to help the PVs continue past this summer. Get involved! Be a sponsor, host an event, participate in an event, or better yet, all three!

  • Sponsors – This year instead of t-shirts we will be doing string bags. We thought these might be more useful for people, and especially good for taking to sites in the summer   : )  We still need to have sponsors, but with less printable space, we will just be printing the names and not the logos of each sponsor. We have a pretty quick turnaround with our printer, so we are asking for all sponsor names to be in by Friday, April 4th. These sponsors, with a donation of as little of $50 each, help underwrite all the costs associated with the LWP (bags, mailings, materials), so all funds raised go 100% to the programs of the PVs. See attached LWP Sponsor sheet for more information.
  • Date – Instead of having a specific date, we are aiming to have the majority of the events in the spring, allowing for flexibility with your schedules. The bags will be available by the end of April.
  • Events – Be creative, pretty much anything can be turned into a fundraiser. Examples of past events:  wine tasting, bingo, raffles, potlucks, garage sales, bike rides, runs, walks, haircuts, hikes, music concerts, planting, soup suppers, dress down days at school, etc. The LWP is a great chance to gather your friends and family together and help support the PVs.
  • Publicity – Please let us know when you plan your event and what it is, so we can include it on our LWP Blog ( ) and website. The blog is a great place to check out past events and get an idea of the history of the rich history of the LWP. If you need any assistance in creating flyers or other marketing information, let us know we would be happy to help.
If you have ANY questions about the LWP, please do not hesitate to ask. We would be happy to help you in any way.

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