Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 LWP Site Specifics and Contact Information

Yonkers, NY - "Ride and Hike with Passion" -- On Saturday, April 30, join Ed Mechmann for a Bike Ride from Yonkers to Pleasantville, NY (25 miles) on the South and North County Trailways (the old New York Central Putnam Division Rail Trail), while Peggy does a Hike in and around Pleasantville, NY (5 miles) on the same trail.  Finish at the Captain Lawrence Brewery, Pleasantville, NY, for rest and recuperation.  To sponsor or join us, contact Ed at (suggested sponsor amount: $1 per mile for the bike ride, $5 per mile for the hike).

Washington DC - "Biking/Running with Passion" April 30- May 1, 2011 Are you interested in a challenge that will benefit the PV Volunteers in their efforts to provide support to marginalized people in rural towns in West Virginia and in  Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY???
Each team will alternate running and biking  a total of 7 segments of the canal for a total of about 125 miles. This is a charity event and each participant will be asked to donate (or collect donations) of at least $50. The event will end at Fletcher’s Cove on Sunday the 1st of May at noon with a picnic.
Form a team yourself or join a team. This is will be fun event (not a race) for all who participate.  Interested? Give me a call for more details. Can’t run or bike, contact me and I will tell you how you can help. John J. Dean 202-212-6302 (after April 15, 703-971-5718) (after April 15,

Denver, CO – “Walk with Passion” Sunday, May 1st at noon.  Take a walk around Sloan's Lake with a Cookout at my house to follow... For information about the Denver event, please contact John at

Cincinnati, OH  - “Walk with Passion”Saturday, April 30th at noon. Take a walk at Winton Woods with a picnic to follow.  For more information, please contact Jenny at

Seattle, WA - "Hiking with Passion" Saturday, April 20th at 11 am. Join us for a hike through beautiful Discovery Park in Seattle. After the hike we will enjoy a picnic in the park. For more information contact Jill at

Clark, NJ - "Walking with Passion" Sunday, May 1st, at 11am.  The Melao's house, 45 Conger Way, Clark New Jersey (We have a park directly behind our house)..just pray for SUN!!!  We will be walking first, with some Picken's Food to follow!!!  For more information contact Holly at

Brooklyn, NY - "Walking with Passion" Sunday, May 1st. Time and location to be announced. For more information contact Tricia at

Atchison, KS - "Plant/Garden with Passion"  Calling all Farmers and Gardeners.  Plant your seeds while supporting the PVs.  Please see previous blog post for all the specifics.  For more information contact Dan or Lucy at

Bronx, NY - "Bake Sale with Passion"  St. Barnabas in the Bronx. Time and specifics tba. For more information contact Joanne at

West Chester, PA - "PV Volunteers Benefit Concert" Saturday, April 23  3:00pm - 4:30pm.  Swope Instrumental Room (141) West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  Join us for an afternoon of pop, rock, and musical theatre songs at the PV Volunteers Benefit Concert & Bake Sale! The show will start at 3pm, but be sure to get there early to snack on some yummy baked goods!  For more information contact Eileen at

Kansas City, MO - "Purchase with Passion" in Kansas City!!!!  Participants will spend their day thrifting at some of Kansas City's best thrift stores.  At the end of their thrifting trip, they can estimate how much money they saved by buying clothes (or items) from a thrift store instead of a department store and donate the saved money to the PVs!  For more information, contact Mary or

Gainesville, FL – “Potluck with Passion” Saturday, April 30, 2011  from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Opossum Creek Park on NW 53rd Ave across Trinity Methodist Church.  Potluck Picnic lunch.  Drinks will be provided.  Bring a dish to share and your tennis shoes.  We will have a variety of relay race for everyone to participate, Board games, Card games, Stories and pictures.  Young and old are welcomed. Prizes and photo opportunities await you!  For more information please contact Alicia at

Little Compton, RI “Paddle with Passion”  Sunday, May 1st  A canoeing trip down the Westport River. Please contact Elisabeth for more information

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